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Pronouncing American English Numbers: 5 Easy Tips

The Significance of Articulating English Numbers

At the point when you articulate English numbers precisely, your correspondence accomplices will zero in on WHAT you’re talking about and not on HOW you’re saying it. You’ll sound more normal in your discourse mood. In this article, you’ll learn straight-forward rules for articulating numbers while talking about time, sum, and cash.

Way to express numbers requires information on where to put pressure. Stress implies that we talk in a stronger and sharp sounding voice. Visit online นับเลขภาษาอังกฤษ for more details .The length of your voice will likewise be somewhat longer. Put weight on the syllables demonstrated beneath. The pressure area changes  relying upon whether the number is a “youngster,” “ten,” or number over twenty.

Articulating Numbers with Exact Pressure Situation: 5 Simple Tips

1. Stress for Counting Adolescent Numbers
Stress the first syllable in “quite a while.” For instance, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, eighteen, nineteen.

2. Stress for Counting Numbers Over Twenty
While counting, stress the second number for numbers over twenty. For instance, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29.

3. Stress for Counting and Giving the current time with “Ten” Numbers
Stress the main syllable while counting or alluding to the “ten” numbers. For instance, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety.

4. Stress for Time, Cash, Sum Adolescent Numbers
While expressing numbers, as in time, cash, or sums, stress the last piece of the “adolescent” numbers. Note that you stress an unexpected syllable in comparison to while you’re counting. For instance, notice that the focused on syllables are the accompanying models:

Time Models
The gathering begins at 8:15 (eight fifteen) sharp.
The action finished at precisely 7:13 ( seven thirteen).
The triumphant time in the race was 1:16 (one sixteen).

*Note that while expressing numbers as they connect with cash, time, and estimations, utilize the first principles for articulating the numbers. Be that as it may, the essential pressure movements to the things and accordingly, the numbers get optional pressure. For instance, seventeen bucks, fourteen pennies, eighteen pounds, thirteen Euros, thirteen hours.

Cash Models
We saved $23.17 (23 seventeen) on food.
I had $4.19 (four nineteen) in real money.
Stopping cost 13 (thirteen) dollars.

Sum Models
I made 14 (fourteen) pounds of potato salad for the family outing.
He really wanted 16 (sixteen) more long periods of directed clinical hours before he was qualified for his guiding permit.
We requested 18 (eighteen) square feet if covering for the room.

5. Stress for Expressing Time, Cash, Sum Numbers other than “Ten” Numbers

Stress the last piece of the number. See models underneath:
9:25 (nine 25)
7:55 (seven 55)
12:45 (twelve fourth-five)

Applying your Insight: Practice Activities
Now is the ideal time to apply what you’ve realized. Put it into utilization in your own daily existence. Peruse so anyone might hear the accompanying numbers and stress the syllables as indicated by the principles above.

17 feet
50 mg

In outline, numbers get pressure contingent upon the accompanying variables. Stress changes relying upon whether they’re “high schooler,” “ten,” numbers over twenty, whether you’re counting or expressing time, cash, and sums, and whether you’re naming the unit of cash, time, or sum.

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